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Foundry mold quality means quality castings

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Foundry mold quality means quality castings

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For foundries, the high-quality casting mold it means, it means a lower cost, higher output and profits.
    Currently, the domestic mold industry has developed rapidly, only aluminum gravity die casting plant will be less than the hundreds, and with the development of the automotive industry and the influx of foreign capital, mold manufacturing plant both in scale and technical strength are also in the growing . With the popularization and application of CNC machining equipment, processing level and foreign mold industry has not much difference, there are many plants die more advanced testing equipment, but our level of management, design, philosophy is still lagging behind compared with foreign counterparts , mold material and heat treatment to strengthen the means are far behind the developed countries. For the current status of the casting mold manufacturing plant, there are experiences, not only understands but also understands the casting mold manufacturing engineering staff is very scarce, and process validation and debugging mold mold production process is a necessary step hurdle, because been successfully mold and mature technology is relatively weak in many of today's technology foundry want.
    Standardization and application of standard mold mold mold industry is the inevitable trend of future development. This late start, especially aluminum gravity casting. Only the implementation of a standardized mold, mold factory to regulate behavior, prompting mold factory offers cheap substandard mold possible. Meanwhile, the standardization and application of standard mold mold, foundry will make it easier to monitor the quality of the mold, and the mold maintenance and maintenance more convenient. Use standard mold, production economies of scale will help to change the mold industry is more variety, small batch production inefficiencies situation, help to reduce costs and improve productivity.
    In short, precise size, high efficiency, ease of use and maintenance is always the pursuit mold industry and foundry industry.

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