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Energy saving imperative for China foundry industry

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Energy saving imperative for China foundry industry

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Outstanding problems of resources and environment increasing pressure, reflecting the requirements of building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, need to be realistic and long-term interests, with a clear policy orientation. Foundry industry is consuming energy and resources in key industries, but also on the environmental impact of a large industry. In our foundry, materials and energy inputs is very high. So take all possible ways, and vigorously promote the foundry industry resource conservation, low energy consumption, environmentally friendly and healthy development of the shadow of great significance.
Under climate change, energy development, as well as rising raw material prices framework to effectively improve the energy efficiency and the use of original source material, the same basic raw materials in recent years must respond to changing energy, raw materials and scrap prices in recent years to have to grow exponentially, it is necessary to respond technically, the ability to compete internationally and to remain competitive in other areas of manufacturing technology. Foundry industry in this respect there is a lot of effective improvement potential. Proposed "national economic and social development in the Tenth Five-Year Plan" Outline: Eleventh Five-Year period per unit of GDP energy consumption by 20%, the total discharge of major pollutants by 10% target. Therefore, China's foundry industry for energy saving imperative.

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