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Precision casting equipment used in what?

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Precision casting equipment used in what?

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Casting materials are often used in the production of various metals, coke, wood, plastic, gas and liquid fuels, modeling materials. There are all the necessary equipment for metal smelting furnaces, there are a variety of sand with a sand mill, but also with a variety of shapes made core molding machine, core making machine, precision castings have to clean off the sand used , shot blasting machines. As well as specialty foundry machinery and equipment as well as many transportation and material handling equipment for.
Bearing cooling water is used in the case of the right bearing not only prolong the life, but also improve production efficiency. In actual production, we often overlook its importance, and the operator is the easy way, then go to pick a very troublesome, do not pick up the cooling water, and some companies even custom-bearing in order to save time Do not even the cost of cooling water, thus causing more serious consequences. Bearing materials are usually dedicated bearing steel produced by a variety of processing, even the best steel housings are also have their limits of use, it is such a temperature. Bearing is in use, if it occurs early Tortoise mold temperature is too high, it is very easy to make the core surface.
In the case where the cooling water bearing can greatly reduce the use of release agent so that the operator does not use a release agent to reduce the temperature of the bearing. Its advantage lies in effectively extend bearing life, which can save die casting cycle, improve product quality, in order to reduce the viscous modulus and strain and aluminum sticky situation occurs, the more reduction in the use of release agents.

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