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The current status of China Precision Casting

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The current status of China Precision Casting

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Air China precision casting production foundry industry technology, the application of the first class of small, high-quality precision casting castings are not many, mostly produced less precision fittings, hardware, harness and auto parts, alloy single species, particularly high-temperature alloys and non-ferrous alloys small proportion. China Precision Casting mold industry development problems in many cases is not optimistic, as irrational industrial structure, industry focused on labor-intensive products; technology-intensive products significantly behind the developed industrial countries; decisive factor of production is weakening; industrial energy consumption, low output, serious environmental pollution, natural resource damage is great; overall small-scale enterprises, technological innovation capability is weak, management lags behind the level of the casting is still very backward.
China's low labor costs, abundant raw materials, the prices of the products account for a large advantage, as long as the product quality improvement, there are still a lot of international competitiveness. Meanwhile, the rise of the domestic high-tech industry, machinery industry to precision, miniaturization, and construction industries have been put in place a number of laws and regulations, bronze and stainless steel castings used in place of cast iron pipe fittings, provides unprecedented opportunities for precision casting industry . Meanwhile, the Chinese private sector to join the casting and rapid development of China precision casting industry has injected fresh vitality, precision casting industry has become the country's most powerful and most realistic competitors.

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