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How do innovation Foundry

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How do innovation Foundry

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"Eleventh Five-Year" development plan for our country pointed out that "in order to enhance the level of industrial technology innovation, and strive to master core technologies and key technologies, enhance scientific and technological achievements into the ability to enhance the overall technological level of the industry." Currently, the technology innovation foundry industry mainly has the following main areas:
1 large and key equipment parts casting techniques: including large, extra large steel castings, ductile iron casting (such as turbine blades, the ring, the lower ring, rolling mill rack, nuclear waste cans, etc.) technology; Turbine , directionally solidified turbine engine blades, single crystal blades casting technology; aviation, aerospace aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and titanium large structural castings production technology.
2 advanced casting light metal forming technology: including complex automotive aluminum die-casting technology castings (such as a car engine block); aluminum semi-solid casting technology; aluminum and extruded aluminum matrix composite casting technology; large thin-walled aluminum alloy castings production technology; sets of aluminum precision sand casting technology; high performance magnesium alloy die-casting techniques (such as vacuum casting, ultra-low-speed die-casting, etc.); development of heat-resistant magnesium alloy casting material; magnesium alloy castings corrosion technology.
(3) high quality, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, casting technology: including the development of energy-saving and environmentally friendly casting equipment and auxiliary materials, such as cupola of smoke and dust; development of clean, non-polluting and temperature hardened sand, sand core bond agent; regeneration and utilization technology foundry waste; EPC technology and complete precise and efficient forming equipment development, such as developing high-precision foam molding machine, bonding machine, intelligent vibration compaction equipment, aluminum castings The "heat heat treatment - off the sand - sand reclamation" integration technology.
4 Digital Foundry technology: including knowledge-based casting forming process digital design theory and method (KBE); casting a molding process, macro / micro continuous scale more than mathematical modeling, simulation and emulation coupled; casting process simulation Forming The calculation methods and parallel computing technologies. Digital Foundry technology also includes the management of information technology, and network with external links.

5 key research and development foundry equipment: for example large, extra large, high precision aluminum die-casting equipment; high-speed, high efficiency, high density sand manufacturing equipment; cupola smoke and dust removal equipment; efficient, energy-saving equipment, such as sand reclamation processing .

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