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Our precision casting industry in four areas should be very close

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Our precision casting industry in four areas should be very close

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Reuters international casting industry in recent years, the production of precision casting made big progress, China has become the precision casting manufacturing country. Rapid growth of China's large-scale industrial level, and is closely related to the development of the foundry industry.
Casting is the foundation of all industry, foundry industry if there is no support, millions of cars into China's dream home is almost impossible. An industrial countries to revive the inseparable advanced manufacturing technology, and no doubt should be cast in the first row of advanced manufacturing technology. So casting technology to measure the level of a country's manufacturing sector has become an important indicator of the level, the national level is also a key location for industrial development.
Our country is a big country rather than casting casting power is an indisputable fact that China's current casting foundry industry is the power of this industry towards a new stage, in order to promote the development of foundry industry skip a grade, to a new level, the development of precision casting is key.
Precision casting foundry industry is the world's one, some people in the international development of precision casting technology to divide a country's level of casting, precision casting and therefore also cast on behalf of the state of development of productive forces, to promote the development of precision casting industry, it The following four objectives should be promoted.
In addition to casting technology of precision casting factory points, employing more than yield, compared with developed countries, in areas such as quality, efficiency, energy and material consumption, labor conditions and environmental protection are gaps. It is reported that the current development of the world's industrialized countries precision casting technology roughly summed up in four goals, our precision casting industry should also be very close to these four areas:
1, improve casting quality and reliability, production of high quality near net shape casting;
2, shorten delivery;
3, protect the environment, reduce and eventually eliminate pollution;
4, lower production costs.
Our casting is still not achieve this goal points, to make our precision casting industry must reach the world advanced level from the reality of our country, in order to promote the development of precision casting industry as soon as possible.

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