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Talk about casting show full potential of industrial restructuring

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Talk about casting show full potential of industrial restructuring

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In recent years, China's foundry industry showing a momentum of rapid development, even in the larger environment of financial crisis, still maintained a significantly higher growth rate of the mechanical industry. However, for export, the impact of the financial crisis is still powerful. Many export-oriented enterprises experienced a sharp drop in orders casting products to suspend or broken links and other financial hit.
In order to enhance the level of equipment manufacturing industry in February this year, the State Council promulgated the "equipment manufacturing industry restructuring and revitalization plan," the first time the basic components to a strategic height. Plan clearly stated: to enhance the technical level of large castings and forgings and other ancillary products, solid industry foundation. This is undoubtedly the troubled foundry industry has brought a ray of spring.
According to the China Foundry Association, sampling and analysis of the overall trend, the majority of enterprises affected by the international financial crisis, the yield since 2008 began to decline from June to July, 11 to 12 months to reach its lowest point, after 2009 began to rise 2 to 3 months, 3 May's production has nearly 2008 levels over the same period; According to the National Bureau of Statistics caliber, in July this year, the Chinese iron castings growth of 31.14 percent year on year. Some have a strategic vision of the business decision makers to quickly capture information, adjust tactics to focus on overseas markets gradually adjust to vigorously develop the domestic market and seek new business opportunities in the cracks of the financial crisis.
Shouldering service companies, led industry recovery, development mission of China Foundry Association, recently at the Shanghai New International Expo Center hosted the "2009 China International Casting Exposition", and strive for the industry structure of supply and demand sides of casting products to showcase and trade platform for international .
Wind power castings coquettish
Exhibition is a barometer of the economy since the financial turmoil in transit, many industries are clasped his arms in the cold, some of the exhibition area and the number of exhibitors exhibited a sharp decline. However, the 2009 China International Fair Quesihaowei see casting decline, more than an exhibition area of more than in previous years, exhibitors to high-end products are also moving.
Reporters on the scene saw the show, exhibits wind power, nuclear power, high-speed railway, automobile, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery and other areas of national policy support in terms of quantity and quality are particularly noticeable. Especially wind power, many companies have developed distinctive. Jiang Su Jixin Wind Energy Technology Co., for example, more than 95 percent of its casting products for the wind power industry, this exhibition of 2.5MW, 3MW base is the exhibition's. The most prominent feature of the base is so large castings without a hat mouth. The process of saving materials, saving manpower, while greatly improving the yield, is a major independent innovation typical.

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